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Since our very 1st event held on Mother's Day 2018, our mission remains the same: To eliminate the gap between special needs keiki and all the organic healing powers our island waters provide.

Our goal with each event is to focus on ALOHA (love) and OHANA (family). We strive to provide a positive and safe environment, on both land and sea, filled with excitement. S4SN activities are inclusive events that are 100% family oriented.  We encourage siblings, parents, and caregivers to all join us together to share in making these special memories together. 


Our S4SN Ohana does not end at each event. Our ohana is 24/7. We welcome you to join us on our social media platforms and get connected

Another unique aspect of our S4SN ohana is our Parent and Caregiver Network. Parents can remain connected and build an S4SN community of knowledge and support year round.


We are proud to partner with 3 reputable long standing local family businesses who's life's work is centered around both ohana and the ocean:

Hawaii Lifeguard Surf Instructors, Anelakai Adventures and Ehu & Kai. Together we are able to create S4SN events to all 4 times per calendar year.


Our team of local watermen & women who volunteer for our S4SN events aim to get each keiki off of the beach and into the water. Our ocean team consists of only reputable & highly skilled watermen & women, all hand picked to be a part of our S4SN team, and we are proud and honored to have them. 

We all share a common bond of "salt water veins" and are driven by the passion and love for our island waters. Our team is dedicated to sharing our mana'o and aloha from our ohana to yours.



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